Is "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham about to be in a custody war over her daughter Sophia with her own mother, Debra Danielson? Rumors are flying that Debra may be planning to take Farrah's daughter away after Abraham's on again, off again boyfriend, Simon Saran, took to social media to claim that Debra has hired a lawyer and is planning to try to gain custody of little Sophia, which Saran claims is for more screen time on the MTV Reality TV show.

Debra and Simon's Twitter war

According to In Touch Weekly, Simon Saran and Debra Danielson got into a heated Twitter war where they dissed and dismissed each other and brought Farrah Abraham into the conversation as well.

It all started with Deb tweeted "I speak the truth! No hate. Just want things to be happy and healthy." Of course, Simon, who often starts drama for the "Teen Mom OG" stars, chimed in to reveal some truth of his own, accusing Danielson of sleeping with "two different guys" in the basement of her Nebraska home in the two days that she was watching Sophia. Of course, Debra wasn't about to keep quiet about Simon's accusations and revealed that Simon doesn't know anything, saying that he makes up lies for money. "He hurts people with his lies and thinks it is ok!" Deb tweeted.

Simon retaliated saying that Debra is the one who actually "begs" Farrah Abraham for screen time on "Teen Mom OG," and that he heard that Danielson had hired an attorney to "take Sophia away" from Farrah.

Fans who watched Debra and Farrah on "Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition" know that the mother and daughter's relationship is not on the best terms. The duo has a lot of resentment between them, and Farrah often shows that in the way she treats her mother.

Farrah calls her parents abusive

In the past, Farrah Abraham claims that her parents would abuse her.

The "Teen Mom OG" star claims that they would hit her with a belt if she acted out, and allegedly leave bruises on her body. Debra and Farrah also had a volatile relationship as adults. Back in 2010, Danielson was arrested after a violent altercation with her daughter. Debra allegedly choked and hit Farrah before being taken away by police.

Fans can currently see Farrah Abraham on MTV's "Teen Mom OG," which airs its season finale on Monday night. The reality star and her mother are set to have a huge blowout over her mother's fiance, David, in the finale, which will likely be addressed in next week's reunion special.