Farrah Abraham is under fire once again for her poor parenting skills. The reality star has admitted that she was once so caught up in her own world that she left her daughter Sophia in a store after she had forgotten her child was shopping with her.

Farrah Abraham's focus on wrong things

"Teen Mom" fans are really letting Abraham have it via the social media after the 26-year-old mom used her tale online while plugging an ad for Focus Factor. Focus Factor is an herbal supplement that claims to help users maintain their focus and concentration throughout their busy days.

Farrah Abraham asks in the ad “Ladies (and men) Ever returned to your car and realized you’ve left your child in the store! Omg, this happened once, but since starting @focus.factor Extra Strength there’s no way that will happen!” the MTV personality wrote. “You know I'm momma #1, this gal is getting Sh#% done!"

How are Farrah's choices hurting Sophia?

Immediately after posting the ad fans began attacking the "Teen Mom", once again over her lack of parenting skills and calling her self-centered. According to In Touch Abraham is probably not the one who wrote the caption for the ad, however, fans are showing her no mercy and with good reason.

Over the years Farrah has been continuously bashed by the social media when it comes to how she parents her daughter Sophia.

Many of her followers believe that she shamelessly uses her daughter to continuously promote her career with zero consideration as to how it is all affecting her young daughter.

Throughout the years Farrah has reportedly allowed her daughter to drink a weight loss tea, participate in using her own social media pages violating many of the sites TOS stating children under 13-years of age were prohibited.

Abraham has also waxed her daughter's eyebrows, permitted her to have a say in hiring, firing and ordering around the employees who run Sophia's children's boutique.

The overly lenient mom has also allowed her daughter to wear makeup, dress and pose in provocative photos. It has been one questionable parenting move after the next for Farrah.

Most recently Farrah stated that she would NOT be attending her mother Debra Danielsen's upcoming wedding, nor would she allow Sophia to attend.

Debra and Farrah have always had a very turbulent relationship and recently things have really become tense after Debra stated that Farrah had lied about being abused as a child. Despite all the blow-back that Farrah has received over her parenting choices she still believes that all is well with her young daughter describing her as well-balanced.

Fans are very concerned that all the family dysfunction is not going to leave Sophia with too many permanent scars. What are your thoughts on Farrah's latest parenting blunder?