“Family Guy” Season 16 is going to return with a lot of new voice actors playing significant roles. In the animated series’ premiere episode, the comedian Louis C.K. can be heard as himself and that will definitely make fans laugh.

Aside from the 49-year-old actor, Kristen Bell will once again use her voice to play the role of Martha in the adult sitcom. This will be far from the 37-year-old actress’ portrayal of Anna from the hit Disney movie “Frozen” as she will be the love interest of Brian, the talking dog.

Martha and Brian

Kristen Bell’s character as Martha in the coming “Family Guy” Season 16 will be working at a suicide prevention hotline, where she is going to meet the talking canine, Brian.

She will instantly get his attention that will make him fall in love with her. In an interview with the executive producer Rich Appel (via Bleeding Cool), he explained that Martha might be too much for Brian to handle.

“Brian falls for his office mate, Martha — a young woman trying to make her way in the big city,” she said. The “Veronica Mars” star’s arrival in the television show can be considered as a “total package.” In fact, she brings her own theme song that will tell fans the complete details about her role. “Kristen Bell’s voice alone could sell anything,” he added.

Fans can see Martha and Brian’s, voiced by the series creator Seth Macfarlane, new love story in an episode airing in November.

C.K. and other voice actors coming

Aside from Kristen Bell, Louis C.K. is also coming in “Family Guy” Season 16 as himself. He will be instantly seen in the television show’s premiere episode talking about the Emmy Awards.

He, too, will be reimagining other TV series like “Modern Family” and “Breaking Bad” from a “Griffin perspective.” Speaking about the writer-producer's stint in the adult animated sitcom, the executive producer Alec Sulkin teased that viewers are about to see the desperate-for-an-Emmy Peter running to C.K., trying his best to know the secret of winning an award.

Additionally, Louis C.K. admitted that he is an avid fan of the long-running animated series, thus he has a smooth working relationship with the people behind the show. As a matter of fact, he can be seen hanging in the writers’ rooms talking how he loves “Family Guy.”

C.K. will be joined by Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, and Bill Maher in the first episode. “Family Guy” Season 16 will air on Oct. 1 on Fox. Ryan Reynolds and Ian Mckellen can also be heard in the series.