Seth McFarlane and the crew of the longtime animated comedy series will indeed bring back the fan-favorite character of the late Adam West. Find out the latest update on "Family Guy' Season 16.

Adam West passes away

West, who passed away June 9, battled with leukemia before his death. Fans know him for his "Batman" role on TV during the 1960s, Following his iconic DC stint, he then found another shot at stardom when McFarlane cast him as his straight-faced politician namesake.

Adam West and his character first joined the show during the second season in 2000.

His role, which proved to be a hit among the younger viewers, paved way for West to appear in more than 100 episodes to date.

Quahog mayor in five more "Family Guy" episodes

Executive producer Steve Callaghan confirmed that West's upcoming appearances in the FOX series. According to EW, they decided on airing them in honor of the Hollywood star. The episodes will air as part of "Family Guy" Season 16.

Callaghan added that they have recorded some of his lines which are all included in the new season. They actually planned on going more recordings than the finished five episodes but West did not have the chance to do it.

"Family Guy" will not ask someone to imitate Adam West

Callaghan also pointed out that they are yet to make the decisions in addressing West's death in "Family Guy." It was actually the same case with another famed guest cast member, "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher.

However, he stressed that their deaths will reflect on how they made an impact to the entire series.

As of now, there are still no updates whether they will include a character to replace Adam West as the head of Quahog or leave it vacant for awhile. However, Callaghan said that they are not considering to cast an actor who can imitate his voice whatsoever.

Callaghan added, "He’s such an integral part of the series that it never even occurred to us to take that out."

"Family Guy" Season 16 to feature Mayor Adam West

According to the EP, he hopes that fans would appreciate West and his contributions to the whole gang. "Family Guy" Season 16 will have various scenarios that only Mayor Adam West can do.

The outlet revealed that West will have a new friend in a rat who will have a smashing time while riding a hoverboard. During the said ride, West holds a $1 bill while his pet rodent chills inside his pocket.

Meanwhile, Mayor Adam West will also appear in the later episodes of the season. It seems that he might not have a great time while heading a wedding for several millennials.

And that's it for the latest news on Adam West and his most-awaited comeback. "Family Guy" Season 16 debuts on Oct. 1, 2017, on FOX.