John David Duggar, the second son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, is rumored to be in a courtship that will be revealed on the newest season of "Counting On." The reality star has had much speculation surrounding his dating life, as he is approaching his late 20s and is still not in a relationship. He and his twin sister Jana Duggar seem to have been skipped over when it comes to courting as most of their of younger siblings have moved on to become engaged and married. His twin sister, Jana Duggar, has been the subject of much speculation, particularly because most Duggar women marry early (their younger sister, Joy-Anna, recently tied the knot at just 19) and the twins are now 27.

The Duggar siblings weigh in

Jinger was recently asked if her older brother, John David Duggar, was courting anyone, and Jinger said that her lips were sealed. According to Jinger, the producers would have to ask John David about whether or not he was seeing anyone and she wasn't going to be the one to spill the beans on her big brother. The other Duggar siblings have remained quiet about their elder brother's dating life and whether or not he is currently seeing anyone as well. However, fans speculate that his new relationship will take center stage during the new season of "Counting On," likely because he is approaching "old age" to get married by Duggar standards. As most of them have as many kids as possible, getting married close to 30 does put a little bit of a damper on those plans.

What is courting?

Many have noticed that Duggar siblings don't date, instead they court, which is a very old fashioned way of discussing dating. However, they discuss courting as a way to get to know one another with an intent to get married. They keep God at the center of their universe, so God plays a big role when the Duggar kids start to court someone they may have in mind to marry.

In most cases, the couples announce their engagements just a few months after announcing their courtship, though Josiah Duggar did announce one and then broke up with the girl not long after.

The courting couple is not allowed to be alone at any point during their courtship, lest they cave into any "worldly desires." Instead, the couples must have a chaperone with them at all times. They are not allowed to hold hands until they are engaged and don't kiss until they finally get married. Clearly, the Duggar children don't engage in any kind of premarital sex.