Evan Bass and carly Waddell met on the previous season of "Bachelor in Paradise." Even though their romance was initially rocky because Carly didn't want to give Evan a chance, he persisted and kept fighting for the romance he knew that he wanted with her. She eventually gave him a shot and it turns out that they were indeed perfect for one another.

He idolized her and she loved the attention, as he constantly made her feel very special. After the show, Carly and Evan revealed that they were engaged and it didn't come as a big surprise when they revealed that they would be tying the knot on the season premiere of "Bachelor in Paradise" this week.

Private wedding?

One can imagine that Evan and Carly did indeed get married in front of family and friends prior to the show to get married once again, but this didn't make the nuptials any less special. The wedding took place in front of many previous "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants and with host Chris Harrison.

But there was one thing that the couple failed to mention when they were getting married. During the trip to Mexico where they would get married for the purpose of sharing it all on television, Carly took a pregnancy test. As it turns out, she has been trying to get pregnant but the couple had only just begun their journey. However now, Carly has revealed that she is expecting.

Pregnancy surprise

The couple is about to learn whether they're having a boy or a girl. It sounds like they're excited about what the future may bring and one can imagine that Evan is thrilled to become a father again. He already has three children from his previous marriage, but it sounds like he is willing to have a few more kids with Carly.

"It was a great surprise, it's a great little miracle," Waddell, 31, told the outlet of their news. "We took a pregnancy test in Mexico, and we saw the thing [in Spanish] and were like, 'What does that even say?' So we googled it!”

The couple seems very excited about this new pregnancy as they're about to start their lives together.

One can imagine that Carly loves being a stepmother, but looks forward to having a child that is biologically hers. It seems like this couple is indeed perfect for one another. Many of the couples that are currently filming "Bachelor In Paradise" are constantly looking up to the couple, as they want the same thing for themselves. They want to be the couple who get married in the next season of "Bachelor in Paradise."