Ellen DeGeneres has recently come forward and revealed that she experienced terrible bullying from Hollywood when she came out. She talked candidly about how the decision to come out affected both her career and her mental health. The celebrity is a role model, and spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ community and fans have extended their love and support to the star.

The celebrity reveals that she was bullied after she came back years ago

According to Pink News, Ellen DeGeneres has opened up about her experience of being bullied by Hollywood once she came out as a lesbian.

Ellen appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she talked candidly about her sexuality in 1997 and has recently come forward about the backlash that she faced in the aftermath of her honesty.

DeGeneres has stated that the bullying that she faced from Hollywood after she came out made up for the lack of bullying she experienced during her childhood years. She stated that she was kicked from the entertainment industry and was no longer considered the beloved comedian she once was. Her sitcom was also canceled, and she went into recluse as the industry she worked for turned against her.

In a report by the International Business Times, Ellen explained that she was incredibly lonely when she first came out and had to move away from Los Angeles because of the bullying.

She stated that she became incredibly depressed and started to see a therapist to help her through the difficult time. DeGeneres also revealed that she had to go on anti-depressants for the first time in her life.

DeGeneres explained that she was also furious at the time that people's opinion of her had changed simply because of who she was attracted to.

She felt as if all of her hard work had been for nothing and stated that she was a lot of energy being angry at the world.

The celebrity is one of the most loved comedians in the world

According to Pink News, Ellen DeGeneres has managed to push through the hard times in her life and is now one of the most loved Celebrities in the world.

She now has her own show called "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" which has been running for nearly a decade and has achieved many successes in both her professional and personal life.

She was the host of the 86th Academy Awards and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barrack Obama in 2016. She has won several awards over the years including People Choice awards and Emmy's. The star has overcome many struggles in her life but has been a huge role model for the LGBTQ+ community.

Fans took to social media to express their love and adoration for the celebrity.