It is not unusual for sitting presidents to appear on talk shows. In the past, presidents have been on daytime talk shows and the late night shows. As of now, there is no news that President Donald Trump is scheduled to make an appearance on any of the talk shows. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres said he is not welcome on her show, and he will not get an invitation from her. She concludes that Trump is against everything she stands for. The host was referring to the derogatory things Trump has said relating to women, immigrants and other topics that are different from Ellen's own views.

The 59-year-old host said she met Trump long ago before he became president. Her show filmed him when he was the host of "Celebrity Apprentice."

Matt Lauer on the show

Matt Lauer was on the show with Ellen last Friday to help her celebrate 20 years since coming out as gay. After she made that announcement, she said she lost her first talk show. She did not work again for three years because no one would give her a chance. She received death threats, but now she and her show are successful.

Lauer asked Ellen what her thoughts were about Trump's idea of an unfair media. The comedian said that the president speaks one thing in front of supporters to get a big reaction, but she thinks he hates the media.

That is the same media that he used to love in the past before becoming president.

Political figures

Ellen isn't against having political figures on her daytime talk show, just President Donald Trump. In the past, she has welcomed several politicians as her guests. Some of them have appeared more than once. She has graciously interviewed President George W.

Bush, President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.

It has been reported that Ellen's feelings about President Trump are the opposite of those she had about President Obama, who was a guest on the "Ellen" show more than once as a sitting president. Former First Lady Michelle Obama also appeared on the daytime show several times.

Viewers still remember the time Ellen and Mrs. Obama had a dance-off.

It is unlikely that Ellen will change her mind about her decision to ban Donald Trump from her show. That's because it is unlikely that Trump will change his mind about what he has been saying.

The "Ellen" show is in its 14th season and has won 38 Daytime Emmy Awards, including one as recent as April 30, 2017. She has also won other awards for her daytime talk show.