On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Dollar Bill Spencer and his sidekick Justin Barber put their devious heads together, trying to find a way to ruin Sally Spectra. Unfortunately, they came up with an idea that may soon have sparks flying, and put Spectra Fashions out of business permanently.

The plot thickens for Sally

After Liam and Jarrett told Bill that Spectra had some really great fashions, Bill said he was going to leave Sally alone if her next show was a success. His son was skeptical but accepted him at his word. As soon as Liam was gone, however, Justin and Bill revealed their true selves.

They both remembered Liam saying that there was an electrical fire at the Spectra building, and the wheels began turning in their devious minds.

Satan,(Dollar Bill) and his minion,(Justin) got that look in their eyes, and viewers knew exactly what was about to take place. Bill tells Justin, "You know what you gotta do," And his friend nods in agreement. The last time these two got together and hatched a plot, Ridge Forrester was dumped out of a helicopter into the ocean. This time, however, their crime will not be committed by way of water. Reading between the lines, it looks like the dastardly duo are going to torch Sally Spectra's building.

Liam to the rescue

Bill refers to his son Liam a boy scout, and Quinn once said he likes to help a damsel in distress.

he has already formed a bond with Sally because he knows his dad lied about Caroline dying. Liam has seen her hard work and her repentance for past deeds. He believes she should be given a fair shake but knows his father cannot be trusted. The fate of "Spectra Fashions" may just end up in the hands of the man whose father wants to burn it down.

Justin always does the bidding of Dollar Bill but is he willing to go so far as to commit arson? Sally would not only lose her place of employment but her entire collection of fashions will be destroyed. On Thursday, the maintenance man told Shirley, Darla, and Sally that they need the entire building rewired. If a fire were to occur they might all believe that faulty wiring is the culprit.

Sally said the money from the fashion show would be used to rewire the building but that may be too late.

The only salvation for Spectra would be for Liam to get wind of what his father and Justin are planning to do and somehow stop it. There does not t this time seem to be a logical way for this to take place, but anything is possible in daytime drama. Stay tuned to CBS each afternoon at 1:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful.: