It is no surprise for Patty Jenkins to hear James Cameron's remarks about her blockbuster movie, "Wonder Woman," which scored big at the worldwide box office. On Thursday, The Guardian released their interview with the "Titanic" director who shared his honest opinion about the DC Comics film.

Director talks feminism and depiction of women in films

James Cameron accused the "Wonder Woman" film of objectifying the female superhero and even considered the movie "a step backwards" for feminism. The veteran filmmaker, who considered himself a "hardcore feminist," compared Gal Gadot's character to Linda Hamilton's role in the "Terminator" franchise.

He explained that Sarah Connor was not a beauty icon but a woman who was troubled, strong, and terrible at being a mother. The 63-year-old director, however, added that the character's imperfections and courage have earned her immense popularity.

When asked about Hollywood's failing in depicting powerful women in movies, James Cameron honestly answered that he is still unsure of the reason for this lack. "I don’t know. There are many women in power in Hollywood and they do get to guide and shape what films get made," he told the publication.

The internet reacts to Cameron's comments on 'Wonder Woman' film

His comments about the "Wonder Woman" film drew a backlash from people on the internet. Some of them countered the "True Lies" director with personal attacks, while others criticized him for failing to understand feminism and womanhood.

Several personalities from the entertainment industry have also spoken up against James Cameron for his remarks about the superhero film.

James Cameron's statement particularly caught the attention of "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins, who responded to her co-director to explain the purpose of her movie.

She even said that it was "unsurprising" that the "Aliens" producer did not understand what the superhero film meant for women all over the world simply because "he is not a woman."

Although Patty Jenkins was flattered when James Cameron commended her depiction of strong yet damaged women in "Monster," the female director believed that there is a need to showcase women in various ways.

She emphasized that "there is no right and wrong kind of powerful woman" in movies.

Gal Gadot, who played the titular role, has yet to make a comment on James Cameron's claims about her film.