Faith Hill fans are growing very concerned that the country music singer could be secretly fighting throat cancer. Reports began to circulate that Hill's recent health issues are more serious than she is letting on.

Fan concerns mount for Faith Hill following concert cancellation

According to the Inquisitr Faith was forced to cancel a recent scheduled concert performance with husband Tim Mcgraw in Little Rock on August 3 per doctors orders. The famous husband and wife country superstars, who are currently on tour together rep issued a statement revealing that they were forced to put their Little Rock stop on hold so that Faith could rest her voice for a few days.

“Tim and Faith adore their fans and are sorry to disappoint them,” the release stated.

Understanding, but disappointed fans were refunded money for their tickets but were very concerned after a report from Radar Online claimed that a source close to Hill told the celebrity news site that close friends believe Faith could be battling throat cancer. The alleged RO source even went as far as to state that Tim is "beside himself."

Val Kilmer, Barry Manilow and now Faith?

“Both he and Faith are concerned that if her condition gets any worse, her golden voice will be silenced for good," the source claimed. Faith's rep responded to the RO reports insisting that Hill is fine and just needed to rest her voice for a few days.

The sites consulted Dr. Stuart Fischer, who reveals he has NOT treated Faith, but with throat cancer one of the first things affected is the vocal cords.

The NYC doc also stated that throat polyps could also be a major concern for any professional singer. However, considering that Faith has undergone two neck surgeries in the past fans are quick to assume the worst.

Hopefully, Faith is only suffering from vocal cord strain. However, if she were battling a serious illness, she would not be the first celebrity to hide or deny the news to the public.

As previously reported actor Val Kilmer has been battling throat cancer issues for the past couple of years. It was only recently that the "Doors" star finally admitted he had been fighting throat cancer.

Most recently, it was also speculated that music icon Barry Manilow could also be battling a form of cancer due to decades of heavy smoking.

What are your thoughts on the Faith Hill throat cancer speculation, is there reason for concern? Whatever health issues Faith, Barry and Val are dealing with we wish them best and hope that they have a full and speedy recovery. #Celebrities #FaithHill