The Walt Disney Company has made a surprising announcement as they finally talked about launching their own streaming services in 2019. The news seemed to have made all Disney fans jumping with joy. However, the sudden announcement might as well leave Netflix in tears as Disney might stop providing new movies into this streaming service network.

According to the report from Reuters, Disney Company plans to launch their Disney-branded streaming service by 2019 since they believed that viewers have already started dumping the traditional television into their homes.

The announcement was officially revealed on Tuesday, and perhaps, it has placed too much pressure on other networks like ESPN, HBO, and Warner Bros.

Streaming market subscribers

Reuters reported that Disney's entry into the world of streaming services subscribers would initially give their company bulk of earnings. It has been learned that Disney's upcoming streaming service will be offered to the market similar to the offering that has been made by ESPN.

Bob Iger, Walt Disney Chief Executive, has also told the analysts in their recent conference that Disney might finally have the total control over the streaming market by 2019. Apparently, the company has just planned for the newest growth strategy that they can use for their company.

Further, it was also revealed by Walt Disney that their upcoming streaming service would be made as the exclusive home for the United States subscription. Hence, this means to say that their streaming service is slated to air live-action and animated films from both Disney and Pixar.

Significant investment

Amid the surprising news that Walt Disney has released on Tuesday, they have also emphasized that what they are doing will be a significant investment for the company.

Hence, it will be expected that this Disney-branded streaming service will have to air new movies, TV shows, and short-form contents from Disney television programming.

Even though their plan is yet a year and a half to go, Disney has added that they will be working on it in order to deliver the best services to the subscribers just as how their competitors did.

This newest company strategy will give them the advantage over the streaming market subscribers. Further, this big move also entails a significant change for the entire company especially with its relationship to other streaming service providers like Netflix.