Attention all Disney fans, the time is almost here. Disney is slowly reopening some of their attractions that closed in 2015 in order to begin construction on the new Star Wars Land. One of the most anticipated returns is that of their long-running nighttime spectacular, "Fantasmic." Fans of the show will be excited to hear that it is set to return on Monday, July 17.

Start the countdown and buy your tickets now. While Disney parks worldwide have been experiencing a drop in attendance due to the rise in ticket prices and fears of terrorism overseas, it is expected to pick back up for the return of this beloved nighttime spectacular.

Returning and recently opened attractions

As fans eagerly await the return of this fantastic show, they can pass the last of the time by not only listening to the music from it on youtube or buying the album on amazon, but also by popping over to Tom Sawyer's Island and experiencing Pirate's Lair, which has just reopened on June 16.

For fans visiting Walt Disney World Resort in Florida however, they can pass the time there by experiencing the recently opened World of Avatar. As Star Wars Land is expected to transport fans to "A galaxy far, far away", The World of Avatar is supposed to take fans into the realm of Pandora and let them experience certain things as if they were in the movie themselves.

Fantasmic and Why it Works

Just listening to the music is enough to evoke the pictures in the show and send excited feelings all throughout one's body. The music in it is just about as iconic as the movies they come from. If you're having a bad day or are nervous about an upcoming test, project, presentation, job interview or simply taking a nap, this is definitely suggested listening/viewing, as it is difficult not to feel better, if not happy, when listening to or viewing this show.

Originally opening on October 15, 1998, according to, the most likely reasons this show has lasted for as long as it has is for two reasons. The first reason being, it pulls on all 90's kids emotions and nostalgia. Hearing the music and seeing the scenes projected on the water and played out in front of them on stage, they are instantly transported back to their favorite film and away from the harsh reality that is life.

Even if the movie had massive controversy around it, such as "Pocahontas" and "Beauty and the Beast," they cannot help but love the music from it. It could even be said that this show is people's not-so-secret guilty pleasure.

The second reason being, the music and brief periods of narrations just transform so easily from one to another that they easily tell a story so cohesive that it can be comparable to their full-length films. This is in spite of the fact that the segments are radically different from each other in much the same way as in a dream or a child's imagination. The overall feeling, fantastic story telling and images just draws people in to such a point that they are able to forget they are either sitting in a seat or standing and are instead brought along for this thrilling half hour ride.


For avid fans that enjoy the feelings and memories that come with this nighttime spectacle, know that your wait is almost over. The time is almost here for the show to make its grand reappearance with updated effects and brand new scenes, including ones featuring Jasmine and Aladdin from the 1992 film and "The Lion King." Once the final countdown ends and the night arrives on July 17, be sure to grab a good spot, sit (or stand) and enjoy the long awaited return of Disney's "Fantasmic." Knowing Disney, it will be a night to be remembered.