U.S. search giant Google is on fire this week. The company is about to make its Youtube TV live streaming service even bigger this week, adding ten more U.S. metros to its current list. Additionally, Google also announced a new video format for Youtube viewers, enabling a whole new kind of viewing experience.

According to TechCrunch, the Mountain View-based company has just announced some big news this week. Google is making Youtube TV subscription service available in ten more U..S cities. These include Houston, Dallas-Forth Worth, Phoenix, Atlanta, Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, Charlotte, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis-St.

Paul and Washington DC.

Youtube debuts new TV service and adds more US cities

The search giant has just launched its latest salvo in the hotly contested U.S. market, expanding its reach in the big crowd. The Youtube TV live streaming service will also include live feeds from top local TV broadcasting companies, ABC, NBC, NBC, and FOX. The ability to watch all four major U.S. broadcasters has been one of the Youtube TV service’s strong selling points in attracting new subscribers.

Google first introduced its new live TV streaming service on the market in February and launched the new service in April. However, at that time, the streaming service was made available only in top U.S. cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay area in California state.

As for the availability and pricing, Google is pitching its YouTube TV service as a great alternative to the traditional cable TV subscriptions service. At only $35 per month, subscribers can now watch live feeds from local big name TV broadcasters like ABC, CNBC, NBC, and FOX. Overall, the Youtube TV service now offers around 50 TV networks.

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In addition to broadcast channels, subscribers also get key features like three concurrent streams, access to Youtube Red original programming, support for Android, iOS, Apple Tv (via AirPlay) and Chromecast. They also gain access to an unlimited cloud DVR. Unfortunately, the newly announced TV service still lacks several big cable TV networks like CNN, BBC, TBS and more.

The challenge for Youtube TV service

Looking ahead, it's easy to identify incoming threats and challenges. But competition is going to be tough here. This is because Google’s live streaming service is about to take on the industry’s giants. These include some of the big names and well-established players in the live streaming market: SlingTV, DirectTV Now, HuluTV, and PlayStation Vue.

These competitors are also offering similar key features. For example, they all offer cross-platform viewing and access to cloud DVR. So expect Google to have some nasty competition ahead, with lots of price battles. Another big challenge that Youtube might face today is adding additional local TV channels. Fortunately, the service has managed to get all four major local networks on board.

As for the user numbers, Google has declined to provide details that could speak to the TV service traction, but this could be partly because the Youtube TV service is still in its early stage. The search giant has already promised to add more U.S. cities in the near future.

Other Youtube-related announcements

Google this week made another big announcement for its Youtube service, and this time it’s a new video format. The company has just announced a new 180- degree VR video format called VR180 at the VidCon event. The timing of the news is great for Youtube. The newly announced VR180 will reportedly make virtual reality (VR) contents more accessible and more affordable for everyone.

As mentioned earlier by Silicon Angle, the newly announced VR180 is a collaboration work between Youtube and Google’s Day Dream team, the team behind the search giant’s virtual reality efforts.

The company's Daydream team has also made some partnership with various VR manufacturers.

Google said that the newly announced VR180 videos will allow users to enjoy an immersive 180-degree 3D experience when viewed in a Google VR headset like Cardboard and Daydream. In addition to the VR180, YouTube also made some major announcements regarding the release of various updates for its mobile and desktop apps.