“The Flash” Season 4 will return in October on The CW. It is unfortunate that we won’t be seeing Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) for awhile. Allen’s significant other, Iris West (Candice Patton), is set to be Team Flash’s leader while he is not around.

According to Hidden Remote, Candice Patton dishes out her experience on taking the leadership role as Iris West. Aside from this, more will come from the West duo as she works together with her younger brother Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) a.k.a. Kid Flash.

Iris West becomes the new leader of Team Flash

“The Flash” Season 4 picks up six months since Barry Allen has entered the speed force. Each member of Team Flash tried their best to keep things together in Central City. Of course, they wanted to keep the City safe despite the absence of the Scarlet Speedster. In line with this, Iris stands firm as the leader.

In an interview, Candice Patton shared, “She is at the forefront of Team Flash at S.T.A.R. Labs. She’s had to step into the role that Barry left.” The 29-year-old actress also added that it is Iris’ way of distracting herself too with all that has been happening.

While everybody expected her to be depressed and sad, there is no time to waste!

After all, she does not know when Barry’s return will be, and until then, Patton explained that leading Team Flash would be a good distraction.

Moreover, “The Flash” Season 4 will feature a different Iris West. If there is anything she learned from her near-death experience in Season 3, that is to be strong for the people she loves and protects.

Patton described the new Iris as a hardened woman who chooses to move forward. As of now, keeping the city safe is more important to Iris than dealing with Barry’s absence.

West siblings in action

On the other hand, Wally is set to fill Barry’s shoes. Therefore, he and his older sister Iris will work together closely. It can be recalled that this scenario has already happened in Flashpoint.

Patton teased how Season 4 will give life changing experiences to Wally. In the end, we will soon find out if rivalry can happen between the West siblings. They may have a good relationship, but unexpected traits will surely emerge along the way.

Furthermore, Barry will eventually return, and Patton shared a serious talk between him and Iris is going to happen. A lot of things need to be addressed before they finally walk down the aisle. Watch out as well for more updates if the wedding will happen in “The FlashSeason 4!