Former radio show host David Mueller accused international singer Taylor Swift of damaging his reputation, in the middle of legal challenges they both face, Refinery29 reported.

The “Shake It Off” singer reportedly fired back today at Mueller, who is a former radio show host, for bringing damage upon his job and destroying his reputation.

Right now, both the singer and the radio show host are in a legal battle to face each other’s accusations. The radio show host allegedly groped the “Shake It Off” singer during a meet and greet event in Colorado back in 2013.

He is reportedly taking the stand in court today to answer questions from Swift’s legal counsel.

Swift’s lawyer Doug Baldridge questioned Mueller’s accusation that the female singer damaged his reputation, noting that it took a few years before a lawsuit is made and that the singer did not even file a case.

Baldridge said in the report that Swift’s camp did not even file a case against the former radio host in public. He further added that it was Mueller who acted unprofessional by spreading rumors about the singer’s allegations of groping, the article added.

Swift’s side

The international pop singer did not report the incident to authorities, “because she did not want it to go to public,” Refinery29 cited Baldrige saying.

Aside from this, no lawsuits have been filed and she or her team did not even contact Mueller’s company about the alleged incident.

Refinery29 noted that the former radio DJ admitted that the female singer and her team did not file legal charges against him when the incident occurred a few years ago.

Damage on reputation?

The website further added that there was an initial case that has been initiated by Mueller himself around two years ago.

The legal charges was hurled against Swift, which stated how he was fired from his work after she accused him of groping her during the said event

The accusation was made stronger by Swift’s team through presenting enough evidence of the alleged act and “made independent decisions,” the article continued.

It was only after the DJ filed legal charges that Swift filed charges as well, according to Refinery29.

The accusation was detailed in the court papers filed by the singer’s camp saying, “[Taylor] was deliberately reached under her skirt, and groped a sensitive part of her body in an immodest manner, against her wishes and without her consent.”

The report said the international pop artist is expected to make a court appearance anytime soon.