kim zolciak shocked everyone a few years ago when she shared a picture of herself in a hospital bed. She hadn’t tweeted for a while even though she had been dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” for a few weeks. Of course, Kim was exhausted as she hadn’t really rested since appearing on the show and she was one of the stars who had a long path ahead if she was to win the Mirror Ball trophy. But when she arrived home after dancing, she reached down to hug her child and then felt her arm go numb. She tried to speak and she couldn’t. People around her knew she was having a Stroke and rushed her to the hospital.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Zolciak is now opening up about her experiences that night. She recently sat down with Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium, to recount her stroke. At first, he didn’t realize that he was talking about her when he was recalling someone having a stroke, but Zolciak explains that it still scares her a bit.

She has fully recovered

Kim Zolciak has fully recovered from the stroke. It happened because she had a hole in her heart and she had a blood clot, which resulted in the stroke. As Kim explains, she didn’t think that it could happen to her at the age of 37 and she was surprised that she had to deal with this kind of health scare.

"The stroke was life-changing, literally.

Never thought at 37 I would have a stroke and in front of my children, nonetheless," she recalled during the meeting with the medium, adding, "I've pretty much fully recovered, but I can't say that I don't think, like, 'Could this happen again?’"

It makes sense that Kim would be worried about it happening again, as she doesn’t want to leave six children and a husband behind.

Financial troubles?

Kim and her husband Kroy have made headlines recently because people seem to think that they are experiencing financial troubles. After Kim posted a picture of her beloved boat on Instagram with a sales pitch, fans immediately thought she was ready to sell the boat because she needed the money.

Zolciak and her husband have not spoken about their financial troubles and it is possible that they aren't going to share how much money they have in the bank.

Kim's husband was released from the Atlanta Falcons last year as his contract came to an end.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak talking about her stroke with Tyler Henry? Are you surprised that she’s still scared about it happening again, even though the doctors have declared her healthy?