Jill Duggar and derick dillard recently made an announcement that they would no longer be returning to El Salvador to continue their mission work. Instead, the pair have decided to relocate to the United States, where they will "continue their mission work" as "the Lord sees fit." The pair have been living in El Salvador for the past few years, with money funded by fans of their hit show, "Counting On," in addition to those inside their church who have been donating and helping fund their mission work. However, it was recently speculated that the pair may not have had a choice in the matter at all, and instead were terminated by SOS Ministries, the group they were on the mission trip with.

Jill and Derick get fired for a number of reasons

According to a poster on the website Previously.tv, which discusses a number of television shows, including "19 Kids and Counting" and the spin-off, "Counting On," the pair did not come to a decision to stop working with SOS Ministries, but were instead fired from their post without any of their own input.

A commenter on the website alleges to have spoken with SOS Ministries, and says that the pair lost their posts for several reasons. The first was the fact that the pair had trouble learning Spanish. Back in 2015, Derick confessed he was having trouble with the language, and although Jill was having an in-home tutor help her during the first year that she was in El Salvador, she still wasn't able to pick up the language to the level she needed to be.

SOS Ministries allegedly was also unhappy with the couple speaking about El Salvador as though it is infested with gang activity and a scary place to live. The pair referenced to being scared for their lives numerous times on "Counting On" which the organization felt might deter other people from wanting to work for the ministry in the future.

Lastly, SOS Ministries allegedly cut ties with the pair after the "last straw," which was Derick's transphobic comments to fellow TLC reality star, Jazz Jennings. After this, the ministry decided it no longer wanted to associate with the Duggar family.

Other reasons the pair might not return to El Salvador

Although the rumors of being fired from SOS Ministries are still unconfirmed, some believe that Jill and Derick are not returning because Jill has been facing serious medical issues after giving birth to son, Samuel Scott. The young mother-of-two labored for 40 hours before finally giving birth to him via C-section, and many worry that the lack of social media about him speaks volumes about the pair's condition.