Jinger Duggar Vuolo continues to wow fans of the show, "Counting On" with photographs of her in revealing outfits, and fans sure are loving it. While some have criticized the sixth daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for wearing clothing that is "ungodly," most fans have been relatively excited for Jinger's new outfits. Ever since she married Jeremy Vuolo, she has been wearing outfits that are fashionable. Her family, who are strict followers of the Gothard Christianity branch, do not allow women to wear pants or sleeveless outfits. However, Jinger has been breaking the rules after she got married.

Many think this is because she is deferring to her husband's "headship" as he now allows her to wear whatever she wants.

Jinger wears sleeveless, short dresses in Los Angeles

Jinger and Jeremy have recently been making the rounds in Los Angeles, though Jinger has not detailed exactly why the pair is in the city. They have been posting photos on their Instagram accounts of them having a wonderful time. These photos included a trip to The Getty Museum in addition to other churches in the area. Jinger took the opportunity to debut some outfits previously not seen before, including a pair of comfortable pants and a plain t-shirt and a sleeveless dress for a trip to church. Fans have been loving the star's new look and are very excited to see her living a life that is a little different from that of her siblings.

Jinger is also different from her married sisters in the fact that she has not yet announced a pregnancy, though she and her husband have been married for several months now. This is very unusual for her family.

She has always been a little rebellious

Jinger Duggar has always been slightly rebellious when it comes to her hobbies and interests.

Many who watched "19 Kids and Counting," noticed that Jinger might be a little bit more liberal than her parents, and even created a website entitled "Free Jinger." The young woman also once stated that she might want to live in a big city one day, but her family corrected her saying that she likes to visit big cities but would never live in one.

However, the reality TV star has already moved to Laredo, Texas to be with her pastor husband, so it may not be out of the realm of possibility for the pair to one day make the leap and live in a big city together. Jinger would certainly be fulfilling her dreams!

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