Demi Lovato has revealed that she will be releasing a new album titled "Tell Me You Love Me" in September 2017. The singer has returned to the music industry despite her claims that she was taking a break from her music career. Lovato released a brand new single in July 2017 and has followed this up with some live performances. The singer teased her new album on the August 23, and fans cannot wait for the albums official release.

Lovato teases her new album online

According to Entertainment, Demi Lovato took to social media to announce her new album titled "Tell Me You Love Me." Her album will be her sixth studio album to date.

Lovato released a teaser of her album through her social media and her fans are extremely excited.

Demi Lovato released the video on her Twitter account where she can be heard singing the lyrics "Tell Me You Love Me." The clip also includes a shot of Demi in the recording studio with a pair of headphones on while singing. Lovato is offering fans proof that she has been hard at work on her new album.

According to Billboard, Demi’s new album will likely contain the track "Sorry Not Sorry" which Lovato released in July 2017. Demi has confirmed that her album can be pre-ordered. No further details about her upcoming album have been released as of yet.

Fans are delighted that the singer has returned

According to Billboard, fans are delighted that Demi Lovato has returned to the music industry following her exit announcement in October 2016. Lovato stated that she would be taking a break from music but returned last month with a brand new single titled "Sorry Not Sorry."

Lovato has stated that the song is an anthem for her haters and is about anyone who tries to drag her down.

Lovato is set to have a major come back to the music industry as she is set to perform at the highly anticipated boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Demi is to perform the national anthem before the match commences.

In a report by Billboard, this is not all that the singer has planned for her career. She will also be going on to perform in the MTV's Music Video Awards in Los Angeles.

Fans are delighted to see Demi Lovato back and in action despite her claims that she was going to take a break from music.

Fans can look forward to seeing Demi Lovato performing live on the stage at the MTV's Music Video Awards in the near future. This is not the first time that Lovato has been asked to perform at the VMAs, and organizers are excited to have her back.