Demi Lovato is not just an actress and singer. She's also an outspoken mental-health advocate. In an interview with The Cut, she opened up about her fitness routine and mental health. The former Disney star admits that she likes to wake up at 8 a.m. and drink some coffee before she heads out to the gym, where she likes to do two workouts such as boxing or jiu jitsu. She does not break up her workouts throughout the day. She would rather get them done in the morning. There are days when she will want to lift weights for a straight hour. After her workout, she will have a protein-packed meal that includes berries, bananas, kefir, and nuts.

Demi Lovato's fitness and diet routine while on the road

When she's on tour, she has a hard time finding time to work out. The former child star makes sure to have a support group who looks out for both her physical health and mental health. They look out for her by making sure that she makes time for therapy and to do the things she needs to do to stay on track when it comes to her bipolar disorder and substance abuse.

Demi Lovato is also cautious when it comes to eating right. She says that she will drink plenty of water throughout the day to feel her best and to detox her body. The "Camp Rock" alum has established a healthy relationship with food by being open about her struggles with her eating disorders.

When she is working out and eating right, she feels like she's at her best. She also relies on her friends and family when it comes to getting good advice and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.

She showed off the incredible results from her fitness and diet routine on Instagram. On Wednesday, Feb. 25, she posted a mirror selfie that showed her wearing a black sheer catsuit featured a plunging neckline and embellished beading.

The tight ensemble also made sure to show off the pop star's jaw-dropping curves.

Pop star speaks out on the importance of mental health

The "Body Say" singer also spoke out about her mental health as well as her new documentary that she is the executive producer of, "Be Vocal: Speak Up For Mental Health." She said while working on her documentary, she realized that mental health is still considered taboo in society.

Most people are too afraid to speak up about their own mental health. Demi Lovato wanted to get onboard with this documentary because she wants people to know that mental health is just as important as physical health.

Demi Lovato has advised her own fans to speak up about their mental health, especially on social media. In fact, her biggest piece of advice is to open up about your mental health struggles. She wants her devoted "Lovatics" to know that they are not alone and what they're feeling matters. Continuously speaking out about it has helped her stay accountable for her own mental health, and she feels good knowing that she's made an impact on the lives of others.