"Deadpool 2" is one of the highly anticipated movies to come out in the coming year. Everybody hired to join the film crew is doing their best to make the greatest movie possible. Sadly while in this process, a terrible accident has happened to one of the people who are behind the camera. An unsung hero who is reported to be an amazing motorcyclist.

According to the news, a rookie stuntman by the name Joi Harris has been recently killed in a motorcycle crash while filming "Deadpool 2." It happened on the set while they were filming a stunt sequence in Vancouver.The police have not said a lot about the incident yet, however reports of witnesses who have seen the tragic crash reported what they saw.

'Deadpool 2' filming suspended after incident

Production is completely down, everything had to stop. According to the reports, the production was in the middle of doing a stunt sequence when Harris lost control of her motorcycle. Witnesses said that she went airborne before crashing through the Shaw Tower’s glass window. They even thought the whole thing was choreographed. Another onlooker has shared that Harris wasn’t wearing a helmet during the scene because the character she was supposed to be playing will not be wearing one.

After this, the Vancouver Police confirmed that the stuntwoman did indeed die while doing a stunt for "Deadpool 2." However, they did not release a full statement about the information about what really happened and what went wrong.

Harris was an experienced biker, a licensed pro road racer. She was said to be rehearsing the stunt last Saturday and has been preparing for it for full two days over the weekend.

'Deadpool 2' crash victim is a pro road racer

Joi Harris is more than a stunt woman, she was a real pro biker. The road racer who started riding motorcycles in Brooklyn is the first African American woman to actively compete in the American Motorcyclist Association.

She got her license in 2013 after completing 1,500 hours of training.

Staff and crew of "Deadpool 2" have expressed their condolences to Harris’ family and friends. Ryan Reynolds who plays Wade Wilson (Deadpool) even tweeted out a sorrowful message on his account expressing their shock and heartache, “Nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them -- along with each and every person she touched n this world."