Kim Kardashian, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star," was reportedly sued for a $100 million over endorsement troubles with an illuminating phone case called LuMee. Kimsaprincess Inc., the Kardashian's company, was hit by a Lawsuit on Monday from a person who was identified as Hooshmand Harooni. As per a report from Hollywood Reporter, Harooni has claimed that the illuminated design for the said phone case has been stolen from him by the 36-year old reality TV star.

To recall, Kardashian has endorsed the LuMee phone case as she shared her selfie on the social media.

Apparently, her endorsement has caused her with patent infringement lawsuit from Mr. Harooni who was reported to have invented the illuminated selfie case.

The SnapLight invention

According to Hollywood Reporter, Mr. Harooni has licensed his invention of illuminated selfie phone case to SnapLight. Amid his lawsuit against the reality TV star, Harooni has revealed that it would be hard for them to compete to Kardashian for the kind of promotion that she is capable of with the LuMee phone case. Further, Kardashian is believed to have about 165 million and more followers on Instagram and Twitter, and such numbers of followers is an edge for her to promote the illuminated case easily.

On the other hand, it was also revealed that the Urban Outfitters has also been sued due to the increase sales from Kardashian's LuMee case.

Harooni has apparently asked the court to stop the reality TV star from using the said illuminated case as well as from promoting it on the social media. As of now, it was reported that Kardashian's lawsuit is currently pending in the Delaware Federal Court.

Alleged patent infringement

As the news broke online, a representative from LuMee has also issued their official statement for the first time.

It has been revealed that Kardashian has been disappointed after learning about the lawsuit that was filed against her. Apparently, such alleged patent infringement which involved the LuMee case has caught their attention, and they emphasized that the reality TV star has done nothing wrong about it.

It was further reported that LuMee is an innovation of a so-called “illuminated phone case” and has been the first one to hit the market.

Amid the news, Kardashian is yet to confirm or give comments about the lawsuit she currently faced. Nevertheless, Kardashian's party has claimed that LuMee has developed its intellectual property rights on its product line.