Miley Cyrus has finally proven her love for Dogs. Just recently, the young singer was spotted posting a photo of her while she was lying in bed topless together with her lovely dogs. Apparently, her photo which has been posted on Instagram has drawn mixed reactions from her followers. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, Cyrus has enjoyed a lazy Monday morning on her bed together with her adorable puppies.

As she posted the selfie on her Instagram page, the singer has placed some flower emoji icons as a caption and she has even placed some funny characters over her chest.

Apart from the dogs, her photos have also clearly featured her “Dreamcatcher” tattoo at the lower right portion of her breast.

Animal lover

Her recent photo has left her followers in awe after learning that the 24-year old singer is definitely an animal lover. It has been reported that Cyrus has been hooked to taking care of dogs for quite a long time. She has also revealed previously that she is a proud vegan. In line with this, Cyrus just revealed that she once got her sunflower tattoo on her left bicep as her way of honoring a healthier lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Cyrus has also shared some of her photos on Instagram where she wrote a caption saying, "Vegan for life." Apparently, the famous "Malibu" singer has now focused on improving her lifestyle in the healthiest way possible.


Apart from being a lover of dogs, Cyrus was believed to be an animal activist. In one of her talks, the young singer has quietly reflected about her life in the past years and on how she managed to change her life today. During her interview with Harper's Bazaar, Cyrus has opened up about the fact that she wanted people to know who the kind of person she is.

Further, people may have known her for the kind of person she was years ago; however, she wanted all her fans and followers to realize that she has already changed a lot for good. During those years, Cyrus has finally admitted that she has felt like being sexualized.

Amid the changes she made, the young singer has further revealed that she is still currently growing and evolving into a better version of herself.

She has also added that some people have once told her that it is bad to change. However, as she learned throughout her life, she has realized that somehow, people have to change at some point in their lives. As she continued, Cyrus added that everyone should have the chance to enjoy their freedom and should be able to do everything they want.