"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that a surprising character from the past may be making her way back to Salem in the near future. Soap Hub is reporting that rumors are flying about actress Louise Sorel making a huge "DOOL" return as the devilish Vivian Alamain. The NBC soap is allegedly planning to bring Vivian back to Salem to cause trouble.

Will Vivian Alamain return to cause chaos for the people of Salem yet again?

As many longtime "Days of our Lives" viewers will remember, Vivian Alamain caused a ton of trouble during her days in Salem. Viv and her man servant Ivan hatched a plan to implant Victor and Kate's embryo into her own body, which led to Vivian giving birth to their son, Philip Kiriakis.

However, that wasn't the most shocking things Vivian did while on the soap. She previously faked Carly Manning's death and buried her alive. The dark storyline was intense as Vivian gave Carly just enough oxygen and water to keep her alive to torment for a few days in her casket while buried six feet under. Vivian also placed a two-way radio in her coffin in order to further torture Carly. Thankfully, Bo figured out what was going on and saved Carly just before she died.

Vivian has a long history of devious deeds.

Louise Sorel originated the role of Vivian Alamain back in 1992 and has played the character off and on since that time. She was last seen on "Days of our Lives" back in 2011 when she returned to Salem for a short stint.

However, "DOOL" fans watched as Viv and Ivan left town to pursue their dreams of making Bollywood movies. A Vivian return now would certainly add some comedy to the show. However, Hattie and Bonnie are currently providing a comedy aspect at the moment.

Ron Carlivati bringing many fan favorite characters back?

The latest "Days of our Lives" rumors only add fuel to the fire about more returns to the soap.

New head writer Ron Carlivati is already bringing back Will Horton and Sami Brady, and some "DOOL" viewers believe that EJ DiMera is not far behind, although it would likely be a recast as James Scott seemingly has no interest in returning to the show. It seems that viewers will have to keep tuning in to find out what surprises may be in store for Salem as the year rolls on and Carlivati's big vision for the show is revealed. While not much is known about what is coming in the future, the cast has taken to their social media accounts to tease fans about the amazing scripts, and storylines to come.