Alicia Vikander is on the cover of Elle magazine. The Danish actress looks stunning as she graces the September issue of the magazine for which she has also given an extensive interview, revealing details about her professional life. She has spoken up about her next “Tomb Raider” movie where she will be filling in the shoes of Angelina Jolie.

Alicia Vikander made concerted efforts to personalize Jolie’s role

In the interview given to Elle magazine, the 28-year-old actress said that when she was offered the Lara Croft role, she knew that she would have to do something unique to make it her own.

Detailing the entire process, she said that she had thought that she would have to explain to her mother about the role and when she did tell her mother about it, she told her that she knows about it and that Angelina Jolie did it. Vikander admitted that it was clear to her from the very beginning that everyone has huge expectations from her and she cannot afford to make a mistake.

Role demanded tough physical training

Since the “Tomb Raider” is an action adventure franchise with lots of fighting scenes, Vikander also had to get into shape to perform the stunts and she enjoyed it. She said that action is one genre that she had not explored much in her acting career. She had never performed action scenes at such a high level but the training took her through an entirely new experience.

Talking about the whole exercise, she said that she used to feel like she was back to dancing and she had to be aware of her movements while performing the stunts. It also benefitted her in a different way as all the physical training gave her more stamina and she is at her strongest best now. Explaining the transformation, she says that in the past she could never lift her own weight but today she can.

She feels that when one develops such a capacity, it is a super empowering feeling.

Strong roles still scarce for women

In the interview, the Danish beauty also expressed her disappointment at the paucity of a strong and challenging role for female actresses. She might have done a variety of roles in Indie movies but she is not satisfied with the way roles are written for women.

She said that complex roles like the one she did in “Hotell” are few and far between and they do not come easy. She acknowledged that it was sad that women roles are written with a safe perspective.

It is worth mentioning here that Alicia Vikander won the best-supporting actress Academy Award for her role in “The Danish Girl” and has also been the recipient of multiple awards. Her upcoming movie “Tomb Raider,” will hit the theaters on March 16, 2018.