"Days Of Our Lives" coming and goings for the week of July 31 through August 4 reveal that one of Salem's own is saying his final goodbye. This week, "DOOL" viewers will watch as actor Jordi Vilasuso makes his last appearance as Dario Hernandez. Dario will say his final farewell on Monday, July 31, and it will be a dramatic one.

Say goodbye to Dario Hernandez

As many fans know, Dario tricked Abigail into marrying him and later blackmailed her into staying in the marriage and leaving Salem with him. However, his plans to leave town with Abby were foiled when Chad DiMera got in the way.

Sadly, things took a tragic turn when a speeding car came charging at Chad, and Abigail pushed him out of the way to save his life. Now, Dario will be leaving town knowing that he had a major part in Abigail's life-threatening injuries.

Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" fans will also see actor Andre Khabazzi portray Abigail's doctor, Dr. Shah. The actor is best known for his roles as Alec Moretti on "The Young and the Restless" and Officer Ruiz on "Sunset Beach." Dr. Shah will rush to save Abby's life as Chad and her family hold vigil by her bedside hoping for a miracle. Actor Angelo Tiffe will also be back in Salem as Angelo.

Angelo returns to share scenes with Tripp

As "DOOL" viewers know, Angelo is the cousin of Tripp's late mother, Ava Vitali.

Tripp and Angelo will share scenes as Tripp continues his plan to try and sabotage Dr. Kayla Johnson's medical career. Tripp believes that Kayla killed his mother, and he's trying to get revenge. However, little does he know that his half-brother, Joey, is actually responsible for Ava's death.

This week, "Days of our Lives" is set to be very dramatic. Not only will Abigail's life hang in the balance, but Chad will also confess his love for his ex-wife, which his current girlfriend, Gabi Hernandez, will overhear.

It looks like this will be the official end of the Abby/Chad/Gabi love triangle. Gabi will likely know that she can't compete with Chad's love for Abigail, and she won't try. The pair will end things as "DOOL" begins the process of putting fan-favorite couple "Chabby" back together again.

Another love triangle heats up

Meanwhile, another Salem love triangle will be heating up.

Brady, Nicole, and Eric's situation will get even more intense. Nicole's feelings will be torn in two as she fights her emotions for her first love, Eric, and the love she has for her current love, Brady. Not only will Nicole be feeling torn, but Eric and Brady's relationship will also be fractured by the love triangle. Catch all the latest "Days of our Lives" drama weekday afternoons on NBC.