"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the end of the week reveal that Brady Black will continue his downward spiral when it comes to jealousy over girlfriend Nicole Walker and step-brother, Eric Brady. Brady will break into Eric's room looking for any and all evidence that Nicole and Eric are having an affair. However, while Brady may not find evidence of an affair, he will find something much more shocking, and it could lead to big trouble for Eric.

Brady makes a shocking discovery in Eric's room

"DOOL" fans will watch as Brady tears through Eric's room in a jealous and angry rage, and what he finds will completely throw him through a loop.

Brady will make a shocking discovery and uncover that Eric has the alleged cured amulet that Chad, Sonny, and Deimos have all risked their lives for, but why is it in Eric's room? Could Eric have something to do with Deimos' murder, and will Brady look to get the police involved? It seems that Brady is out of his mind at the moment, and if he can get his own brother, Eric, locked away from Deimos' murder, then he wouldn't have any more competition when it comes to Nicole's affections. Things may be about to get interesting in this heated love triangle.

Chad and Sonny compare notes about Deimos' death

Speaking of Deimos Kiriakis' death, Chad may find himself wanting to confess to the murder of Deimos, even though he doesn't remember killing his enemy.

Chad feels bad that Sonny is currently behind bars for a murder that he may have not committed, and he'll want to help his friend. "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will see Chad and Sonny get together to compare notes about what they remember concerning the night of Deimos' murder. The two friends will talk it out and share their memories in hopes of putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together and possibly figuring out who is responsible for committing the murder.

While Victor says he's innocent, other "DOOL" fans believe that Dario Hernandez may be to blame for it all, and since he's recently left Salem, there is no way to interrogate him.

Marlena finds herself in a nightmare with no way out

Meanwhile, the end of the week will bring a real-life nightmare for Dr. Marlena Evans. As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, Hattie Adams drugged and kidnapped Marlena only to stuff her into a psychiatric hospital.

Hattie took over Marlena's life, and now Marlena is stuck in a padded cell. Marlena will wake up to find herself trapped, and be completely stunned. The shrink will try to calmly explain that Hattie has stolen her identity, but everyone will believe that her comments are just the ramblings of a crazy woman. She'll try to figure out a way out of her mess, including trying to reach out to John, but it looks like she'll have a very tough road ahead of her.

Bonnie takes over Adrienne's life

As Hattie is busy living it up as Marlena, Bonnie is about to do the same as Adrienne. Bonnie Lockhart has left prison, and put Adrienne Kiriakis in her place. Bonnie is ready to live as Adrienne and her first order of business will be to break off Adrienne's relationship with Lucas Horton.

Lucas will be heartbroken about the split, and it could lead him to begin drinking again. Like Brady, Lucas' broken heart will cause him to fall off the wagon. However, "Days of our Lives" viewers are about to see Chloe Lane return to Salem to help him pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Will Chloe and Lucas get back together as Adrienne is stuck in prison?