"Days of our Lives" spoilers are about to see a shocking arrest in Salem. The latest "DOOL" spoilers reveal that the character of Abe Carver is going to be arrested by the Salem police department, and everyone will be shocked about the reason why he ends up in handcuffs. Reports reveal that Abe will be arrested for partnering with Dario Hernandez. As many fans may remember, Dario was offered a plea deal to enter the witness protection program if he gave up his partner in the counterfeit money scheme. Well, it looks like Dario named Abe as his partner before he took off, and now the Salem PD will be forced to make a tough call.

Abe ends up behind bars, can anyone save him?

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, before Abe is arrested, he will get the change to spend some quality time with his family and his girlfriend, Valerie. Abe will surprise Valerie with a lavish gift, and she'll be beside herself. However, she'll be devastated when she learns that Abe is being arrested for working with Dario. Sadly, Abe's daughter, Lani, a detective on the police force, and Valerie's son, Eli, an FBI agent, will be at the center of the situation, and Lani will struggle with fact that her dad is behind bars. Of course, Abe's son, Theo, will also be very hurt by the situation. Theo has already lost his mother, Lexi, and it would be devastating for him to lose Abe as well.

Theo will lean on his ex-girlfriend Claire for support, and the two could be on the verge of a reunion!

Hope and Rafe will be forced to slap handcuffs on their friend

It seems that Hope and Rafe will do everything they can to help clear Abe's name, and "Days of our Lives" viewers. Sadly, it will be Hope and Rafe that will be forced to arrest Abe, and the Mayor of Salem will likely be embarrassed by the scene his arrest will cost.

Abe has been known as a pillar of the community for decades and has never really been involved in any shocking scandal or crime. It's hard to believe that he really partnered with Dario just to make a little money. Fans likely won't believe it either, but it could be a real chore to convince the police department that he is innocent.

Abe is finally getting a dramatic storyline

"DOOL" fans are happy that Abe is finally getting a more dramatic storyline, as it has been awhile since he's had any real action. Hopefully, Hope, Rafe, JJ, Eli, or even Lani will find a way to prove that Abe Carver is an innocent man so that he can go back to his life, and his job as the mayor of Salem. Find out how it all plays out on "Days Of Our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC.