Over the last 24 hours, the news headlines have been dominated by Donald Trump and his threat of potential war with North Korea. The reception has since been mostly negative, with author Stephen King and actor George Takei deciding to hit back on their own social media accounts.

King and Takei

It's become commonplace for Donald Trump to make outrageous remarks that end up on the front page of the morning newspaper and dominate the evening news. From the day he announced his plans to run for president, the former host of "The Apprentice" has made comments that have rubbed many the wrong way.

Despite this, Trump was able to ride a wave of popularity through the Republican primary and general election, resulting in an upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November. Trump has since kicked his controversial style into high-gear, with policy proposals and rhetoric that has been met with major backlash from his critics and the majority of the mainstream media. On Tuesday, Trump once again found himself in the spotlight after threatening to strike North Korea with "fire and fury." In response, Stephen King and George Takei gave their thoughts with a pair of tweets on August 9.

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's remarks about North Korea, Twitter exploded as the story quickly went viral.

Since then, high-profiled names have given their opinion, including two of the president's biggest critics. Author Stephen King took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to make his view known, tweeting out, "Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, currently in a battle to see who is the craziest man on the planet." King has been such a vocal opponent of Trump that the president blocked the author on Twitter earlier this summer.

In addition to Stephen King, George Takei continued his almost daily criticism of Donald Trump with his own opinion on the president's recent comments about North Korea.

"Btwn his daily 'propaganda document' and his 'fire & fury' threat, is Donald just trying to outdo Kim Jong-un for most bonkers world leader?" Takei rhetorically asked.

Next up

While Stephen King and George Takei join millions in mocking and attacking Donald Trump, the president has continued to defend his statement. During his own posts on Twitter earlier in the day, Trump stood by his threat against North Korea, while claiming that he hopes not to have use force against the country. After just seven months in the White House, the billionaire real estate mogul has struggled to sell his agenda to the American people, with only 35 percent approving of his performance, according to the most recently released polls.