Chelsea Houska of "Teen Mom 2" isn't a huge fan of fame, or so it appears. The mother-of-two first appeared on MTV when she gave birth to a daughter, Aubree, as a teenager. Since then, she has signed up to be on "Teen Mom 2" which has chronicled her life since then. The young woman has gone from being torn up about Aubree's father not being there for her and not necessarily fulfilling his promises, to happily moving on with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and having a whole new life with him, including a new baby. So, is Chelsea finally sick of doing the show and ready to make her exit?

The reality star commiserates with fellow "Teen Mom"

Briana DeJesus was added to the eighth season of "Teen Mom 2" earlier this summer. The star was previously on "Teen Mom 3" and was pulled onto the show because several of the mothers were having issues with filming. Jenelle Evans refused to film with her mother Barbara or her ex, Nathan Griffith, and Kailyn Lowry was attempting to (very badly) hide a pregnancy. It was also rumored that Chelsea, now married and pregnant, was ready to pass the baton over to Briana and live a quiet and normal life.

Recently, Briana DeJesus was criticized via social media for saying the phrase "white girls" to her daughter instead of "Caucasian." She was also blasted for attempting to comfort her daughter, who was discussing how much she hated her hair while saying that "white girls' hair just falls out of braids." Chelsea comforted Briana, telling her "welcome to reality TV" and stating that she will get criticized for anything and everything now that she's the newest kid on the block.

Chelsea slams the network for "bad editing"

Many cast members of reality shows have pulled the "bad editing" card, especially Chelsea's ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. However, Chelsea has not necessarily accused the network of "giving her a bad edit" and making her "look bad," but instead expressing frustration at the way things were edited.

According to Chelsea, she had stated something in one conversation, and it was edited to make it look like it was part of another, which had made her extremely frustrated. She was also upset that the mothers couldn't approve the television show before it was sent out to air. However, this might take an extremely long time given the way some of them, like Jenelle Evans, act on screen.

Chelsea also appears to not enjoy how famous she has gotten from her stint on the show.