"Days of our Lives" spoilers for mid-week reveal that some major drama is coming to Salem. There will be a ton of storylines going all at once, and "DOOL" fans won't want to miss a minute of the action. Wednesday will bring big trouble for Abe Carver and his family members, as well as his friends. Meanwhile, Kayla and her family will be in turmoil.

Abe is arrested

According to the latest "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers, Rafe Hernandez and Hope Brady will be caught between a rock and a hard place. The two police detectives will be forced to making a shocking arrest.

The two will have to slap some handcuffs on Salem's beloved mayor, and their close friend, Abe Carver. There will reportedly be evidence that Abe was working with Dario Hernandez in his counterfeiting scheme, and "DOOL" viewers have already seen Abe carting around a boatload of cash. Is he actually guilty of the shocking crime? Since Abe is the mayor, the arrest is sure to cause a major scandal in Salem.

Claire comforts Theo

Meanwhile, Claire Brady will see the shocking news report of Abe's arrest while reading news on her tablet. Claire will immediately think of Abe's son, Theo, and rush to find him to offer her love and support. As many "Days of our Lives" viewers know, Claire and Theo used to be an item, but Theo called the relationship off, much to Claire's dismay.

However, the pair have remained friends, and Claire will obviously want to be there for Theo during this tough time in his family. Perhaps the friendship will build back up to romance, and the couple will reunite in the future.

Lani's in a tough spot

All the while, Abe's daughter, Lani, will be dealing with a ton of drama. Not only has her father been arrested for a stunning crime, but she's having a lot of issues at work.

As "Days of Our Lives" fans saw last week, Commissioner Raines threatened Lani's job at the Salem Police Department if she didn't give up major details in an FBI investigation. After Lani tells JJ what happened, he'll confront Raines for how he treated Lani, but it may be too late. "DOOL" spoilers suggest that Lani will make a big decision this week, and she may decide to take a leave of absence from the police department until all of the drama settles down.

Kayla begs Joey not to confess

"Days of our Lives" fans will also see Kayla Brady's family dealing with some hard issues. Tripp has apologized to Kayla, and now she's trying to put the Johnson family back together. Kayla will beg her son, Joey, not to turn himself into police for Ava's murder. However, Joey seemingly has his mind made up. He's been suffering from guilt for way too long, and he may need to figure out a way to clear his conscience. Confessing may be the only thing he can do to make himself feel better.