Jinger Duggar grew up in a home where rules are imposed and followed. As a young girl, she and the rest of her sisters were required to wear decent and modest clothes. Until now, the rule is - no pants and no revealing clothes. But one of the Duggar daughters strongly defied the existing norm with the consent of her own husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger Duggar’s new clothing style encouraged by her husband

Very early in her married life, Jinger Duggar has exercised submission to her husband who wants her to wear pants and shorts. He bought his wife her first pair of pants weeks after their wedding.

After that, she is often seen wearing shorts, pants, tight jeans, sleeveless blouses, and high heels.

Because she is married, her father has delegated authority over her to Jeremy Vuolo. Despite Jim Bob’s disapproval of her change of clothing style, he no longer has the power to rebuke her as per The Hollywood Gossip. Jinger’s fans are divided in their opinions. Some disagree with her new way of dressing while many encourage her because she looks good and confident in them.

Her sisters, just like her, adhere to her parents’ rule. In a book co-written by Jana, Jill, and Jessa Duggar titled “Growing Up Duggar,” the sisters wrote that they were not allowed to wear low-cleavage, gaping, low-cut or bare-shoulder tops and wear undershirts if needed.

They cover their shirts’ neckline with their hands whenever they bend down according to Cafe Mom.

The girls further revealed that they have a word used for warning if a scantily-clothe woman is nearby. They utter the word “Nike.” Then their brothers would look down on their feet when the woman passes by.

Jinger Duggar’s photo in jeans and sneakers proudly shared by husband on Instagram

Ironically, Jinger Duggar was photographed wearing a T-Shirt with the word “Nike” printed on it. Many said that wearing a shirt with the word is a manifestation that the fourth daughter has already broken away from the family rules. The photo with Jinger wearing colored pants and sneakers was shared on her husband’s Instagram account

Another outfit with a style unacceptable to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was worn by Jinger Duggar lately as reported by In Touch.

It was a sleeveless, blue blouse that looks perfect on her. Her fans cannot get enough of her comfortable look. Jeremy Vuolo is elated to see his wife wearing clothes that make her feel comfortable, but her father is surely said about it.