"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the beginning of the week reveal that Tuesday will be a big day in Salem. As many "DOOL" fans know, a lot is going on with all of the characters at the moment, and Tuesday will focus on Tripp, Kayla, Steve, Roman, Joey, and the police officers as they try to identify Dario's mystery partner in crime.

Tripp is sorry

"Days of our Lives" fans will see Tripp completely shock Kayla when he offers her a sincere apology for everything he's done to her. As viewers will remember, Tripp nearly ruined Kayla's medical career when he sabotaged her at the hospital.

Later, he lost it and held her at knife point, demanding that she confess to killing his biological mother, Ava Vitali.

Steve and Joey walked in on the scary scene, and Joey ended up confessing to the crime. Tripp had decided to leave Salem for good after the incident, but it looks like he may actually want to stick around and be apart of the Johnson family after all. Since Kayla is usually a very forgiving person, it seems likely that she'll accept Tripp's apology, but can she really ever trust him?

Steve worries about Joey

Meanwhile, while Tripp tries to make amends with Kayla, "Days Of Our Lives" fans will see Steve open up to Roman about Joey's guilt about killing Ava. Steve will tell Roman that Joey feels like he needs to atone for his sins and that he's even considering confession the crime to the police.

Perhaps "DOOL" fans will see Roman come up with a solution to help Joey ease his mind and keep him out of prison. As many fans know, Joey will be leaving Salem soon, and this could be the storyline that takes him away.

Abe is disappointed in Theo

In other Salem news, Abe will be furious when he finds out that his son Theo broke the law while working for the DiMera family.

Theo will insist that he had to do it to save Chad, but Abe will not be happy about it all. Abe has seen how the DiMera's can ruin a person's life, and it won't let that happen to Theo. However, "Days of our Lives" viewers will see that Abe will have much bigger problems on his hands when the police department makes a shocking discovery.

Salem PD makes a shocking discovery

The Salem PD will be searching for any clues about who Dario Hernandez's partner in crime has been. When they come up short, they'll be frustrated. However, Eli will get a big lead, and it will be bad for everyone involved. It looks like the FBI agent will gather evidence to prove that Abe Carver is involved, and the Mayor will be arrested for the crimes. This will cause a lot of tension for Lani, Eli, Valerie, Abe, and Theo, who will all be intertwined in this mess. Did Abe break the law, or is he being framed by someone who wants to see him suffer? Watch "Days of our Lives" weekday afternoons on NBC to find out.