This time it was not the work of hackers: the sixth episode of "Game of Thrones" season 7 leaked online after HBO Spain accidentally broadcast it for an hour. This is a real shame, as the sixth episode of this season is one of the best episodes of "Game of Thrones" ever.

HBO Spain's incredible mistake

As soon as the episode was available on-demand to Spanish HBO's subscribers, the video has been ripped and then posted on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and other streaming services before HBO Spain took it down. This time, it appears to be HBO's fault. Sadly, this is not the first time an episode leaked because of an HBO's mistake.

About a year ago, the well-known "Hold the door" season 6 episode was accidentally put online by HBO Nordic 24 hours before official broadcast.

Business Insider reported that an HBO representative has stated the network have no knowledge of the leak. This mistake comes straight after the cyber attack during which tons of internal documents and scripts were stolen. It also follows the leak of the fourth episode of this season, with four people being arrested in India over the leak.

Here's why you should wait until Sunday

It's hard to hold back the desire to immediately watch a new episode of "Game of Thrones", but we think it's important to make this kind of sacrifice. Why? Because episode 6 is one of the best "Game of Thrones" episode ever, and it's an action-packed one, highly spectacular, which should be seen in HD or Full HD on a proper television.

We also would like to remind everyone of how much important is for a TV network that spends dozens of million dollars to produce such an epic show not to lose significant amounts of viewers. Moreover, if you watch episode 6 today, you can't talk about it for four days (five, if you live in the United Kingdom) and you will have to wait eleven days to see the last episode of Season 7.

Are you sure you want to do that?

"Game of Thrones" season 7 episode 6 airs on August 20, on HBO. If you think about it, it's not a big sacrifice to wait four days to see the next episode on television! At the moment, there is no title or synopsis available for the upcoming episode of the TV series, but you can watch the official trailer below:

A few hilarious comments on Twitter

Immediately after the leaks, as you may easily imagine, fans started making jokes on Twitter about what happened.

Here are a few hilarious reactions to the latest "Game of Thrones" leak: