Kailyn Lowry has been on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” for years and she has shared her life with the world. Of course, she got pregnant at 16, which allowed her to film the show to share her pregnancy journey. Kailyn was chosen as one of the girls to continue with “Teen Mom 2,” where MTV would follow her and three other stars as they dealt with motherhood as young people.

When Lowry signed up for the show, she may not have expected the producers to influence the storyline as much as they have been accused of. Of course, MTV may have expectations as to what they want to feature, so when Lowry films a mediocre scene in relation to what they want, they may add or subtract content to make it more appealing.

According to a new tweet shared by Lowry herself, Kailyn is now revealing that the editing done by MTV is very poor. During last night’s episode of “Teen Mom 2,” there is supposedly a scene where the timeline is completely messed up. In one scene, her wall paint went from mint to yellow - and then back to mint again. It’s possible that MTV is editing the show to make it more dramatic or to make the storylines make sense.

Why is MTV editing the content?

Instead of editing the show this way, MTV should get the girls to do voice overs instead to explain the truth of the matter.

If MTV wanted Kailyn to do certain things on the show, they should get her to do lengthier voice overs to explain the situation. Sometimes, Lowry doesn’t want to film, so she should explain this to viewers instead of the producers swapping scenes around to create a storyline.

All of the girls on “Teen Mom 2” have explained that their scenes have been altered and that their stories are not always portrayed correctly.

Not the first to speak out

Last year, Jenelle Evans spoke out, revealing that she was tired of always being portrayed in a negative light. She hinted that she wanted to leave the show because the president of MTV supposedly didn’t like her. Evans felt that she was always being portrayed in a negative light and only had her mistakes shown on “Teen Mom 2.”

Leah Messer has also revealed that she doesn't feel that the editing is correct.

Many of the girls are friends with the producers, but since they were not allowed to acknowledge them during filming, one has to wonder if they are speaking out now because they can talk to them. Regardless, none of the girls seem particularly upset with the false portrayals of them. They are just warning fans not to believe everything they see on the show.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry slamming the show over poor editing?