David Mueller shared his struggles after Taylor Swift declared that the former DJ had groped her during a Meet And Greet event last 2012. The court gave the verdict and found Mueller guilty of the crime in Denver on August 15, 2017, but still, the DJ insisted that he is innocent.

Does the photo say it all?

A photo of Taylor Swift, David Mueller and Shannon Melcher that was taken in June 2013 during a meet and greet event sparked the heated groping case controversy. Swift said that the photo showed the crime that Mueller had committed and many testified to back-up the celebrity’s statement.

Witnesses attested that “something” had happened. Taylor Swift via US Magazine testified "It was a definite grab - a very long grab." The singer said that the former DJ latched on her bare ass cheek as she moved away from him. Swift said that she was very uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, the photo does not completely capture the concrete evidence of Mueller “touching” Swift’s backside. It merely shows Mueller’s arm behind her. Mueller said in an interview with CNN that he knew that he was facing a very influential celebrity. Despite this, he wanted to speak up and to prove his innocence. He additionally stated that he is hopeful that people will listen to him.

Mueller's second attempt against Swift

The former DJ sought a cash payment from Swift for the damage that she has caused him. Before the trial, he also asked for a settlement through a letter. He wanted Swift’s side to write a letter acknowledging his innocence.

Apparently, the letter request may not even get considered as the celebrity’s side will always deem Mueller to be the perpetrator.

Muller indicated that he would not be able to get a job until the accusations against him were cleared up.

David Mueller tried to prove his innocence by declaring that he did not sexually harass Taylor Swift. He additionally said that he could not get work since the singer had accused him of a committing the crime.

However, as the former DJ tried to file a Case against Swift for his busting his career, the jury reviewed the case for four hours and immediately ruled that Swift’s party was not responsible for Mueller’s termination.

Swift said that she would not allow Mueller to blame her for his own doings. Mueller’s lawyer Gabe McFarland averred that the false accusation had cost Mueller’s job and ruined his life.

McFarland additionally revealed that Mueller has not worked in a radio station since then. The former DJ’s relationship with his girlfriend did not go smoothly, either. Despite all the challenges, David Muller strongly believes that he could pass a polygraph, reported US Magazine.

He has already passed two polygraphs so he can undergo another. He also said that he would not stop from trying to prove his innocence against Taylor Swift’s filed case.