A 13-minute game-play leaked the European Dead Zone area before “Destiny 2’s official release. It revealed parts of the game including missions, loots, NPCs, and more.

Game sneak-peek on the clip

PPE Polska first posted the video on YouTube. The original footage has been removed, although players can still see the mirror versions on the social media platform, Eurogamer reported.

Locations, such as the renowned landing zone called Winding Coves, were featured in the video. It also contained a public event that showed players fighting Cabal off waves.

Items that players can obtain from the quest include a Cabal item and Red Legion supplies. Meanwhile, players who cleared the event will receive a chest reward.

Destiny 2's mission and loots

A salvage mission, where players can acquire items from a Cabal crash site, was also hinted. The regional chests will return to the game; its drop items include Glimmer currency and EDZ Tokens.

The footage also gave away a new adventure which will provide an extra boost for the players’ character. Players will be tasked to take down a Cabal power source in this mission. Upon clearance, players will get more EDZ tokens.

Devrim Kay, a new NPC vendor, was also featured and would be redeemable with EDZ tokens.

The character is a sniper with silver hair. He is an EDZ scout and the EDZ area leader. Once players ranked up their reputation with Kay, they will receive loots, including EDZ shaders and guns.

After the first video footage was posted, a second game-play was uploaded. The new clip showcased several missions such as public events, patrol missions like high-value targets and long duration quest lines.

Youtube user Flexible YT uploaded the said content, which also featured players exploring ruins. While making rounds, the players happened to come across an NPC.

GameSpot suggested that the area did not appear to be “Destiny 2”’s social space, The Farm. But, the game will definitely feature NPCs which they can communicate with and would help them gain reputation.

“Destiny 2” is an upcoming online first-shooter game that will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. Bungie is also developing the game for a Microsoft Windows version scheduled for release on October 24.

A sequel to Destiny was first teased in November 2014. The chief executive of Activision stated that the team has been working on a next full game release along with an expansion for the first installment.