Since Jinger Duggar married husband Jeremy Vuolo, she has relaxed some of the dress code she grew up with in a big way. Having grown up in front of the nation on the show "19 Kids and Counting," Jinger's family made it extremely apparent that young women were not allowed to wear anything without sleeves or wear pants. Although skirts and dresses are the only option for the women of the Duggar Family, they must be long enough to cover most of their legs, as they feel modesty is the way to God's kingdom. But ever since she tied the knot with former soccer player Vuolo, the young woman has been breaking from convention quite a bit.

Her most controversial outfit yet

Jinger Duggar practically broke the Internet when she was photographed wearing shorts for the first time.

The young woman's shorts were not scandalous by any means in modern society, however, given her background, it was quite a shock to the system for many of the fans of the show. Since then, she has appeared in a sleeveless shirt, which also took fans by surprise, in addition to wearing wedge heels, which is very controversial for a Duggar. But this time, Jinger Duggar rocked colored jeans, Nikes, and a t-shirt, which is the most modern and "edgy" style anyone has seen on the young woman since she's debuted her new style. She still seems to wear skirts when around her parents and family back home in Arkansas in order to respect their rules.

Breaking convention

Jinger has broken convention in more ways than one when it comes to the man she chose to marry.

Jeremy Vuolo, though a devout Christian, was once a soccer player living in Iceland. There is no doubt that he has been drunk in the past and participated in some wild "guy times," which would be positively shocking to the Duggars now. He even has a tattoo, which would most likely be against Duggar religion. The biggest way the pair has broken from the Duggar norm is by not making a pregnancy announcement yet.

Jinger's sisters all made announcements very soon after they got married, letting fans know they were expecting little ones almost immediately after. However, Jinger and her husband have been married for several months now, and there is no announcement looming on the horizon at all. This has led some to speculate that Jinger Duggar and her husband might actually be using birth control, which is also expressly forbidden in the church that Jinger grew up in, and by her parents.