"90 Day Fiance" star danielle Mullins got married to Mohamed Jbali, and their marriage has always seemed a bit off. It was pretty obvious that Danielle was really into him, but he wasn't near as into her. There have been rumors that Mohamed might have just married her for a green card. She tried to get an annulment instead of just divorcing him, but there have been some issues with this way.

Danielle reveals if they ever consummated their marriage

So for Danielle to be able to get an annulment, it would have been a lot easier if they had never had sex.

Her lawyer asked her about it, and she shared that after they had been married for three months they did have sex, but it was just one time. It doesn't sound like their relationship was sexual at all, but it was enough that it would make it harder for her to just get their marriage annulled and not have to go through a divorce.

At one point, Mohamed said that he had issues with the fact that Danielle had body odor. This sounded like it was one reason that he wasn't sexually attracted to her. The fact that they only had sex one time makes it a bit easier for her to have a chance to get this annulment to go through.

So what is going on now?

Danielle and Mohamed have called it quits. She has actually moved on from him but isn't sharing who the new guy in her life is just yet.

There were rumors that he was deported, but that isn't the case. The Hollywood Gossip was able to catch up with him and talk to him. Danielle did go ahead and serve him with an annulment, but there is no way to know if it will go through or not. If it does, then he will probably end up being deported.

Some couples on "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" end up making it, but Danielle and Mohamed are not one of those couples.

It sounds like this marriage should have never happened in the first place. For now, they are over, but there is no news on if Mohamed will get sent home or not. Hopefully, they will share the news with fans as soon as they know what the end results will be. For now, he is working as a driver and staying far away from Danielle.

It doesn't look like there is any way that these two are going to work it out.

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