After months of speculation on what the future of the “James Bond” franchise holds, the blonde haired 007 finally confirmed that his future holds at least one more outing as the world's most dangerous spy. At age 49, Daniel Craig has starred in four films in the series and, most likely, the next one will be his last.

Any rumors on the story for 'James Bond' 25?

At the moment, there is barely any official news on the development of “James Bond” 25's script, as shooting has yet to commence. It is suggested that the next movie will continue from events of “Spectre”; therefore, it is possible that we would see the return of cast members from the previous film.

Christoph Waltz, who served as the antagonist for “Spectre”, confirmed that he would be interested in a return as Ernst Stavro Blofeld if Craig continues to serve as the British spy.

Ralph Fiennes, Ben Winshaw and Naomie Harris could also reprise their roles from the previous films as M, Q and Miss Moneypenny respectively.

A 2019 release is realistic

As shooting is yet to commence, it is unlikely that “James Bond” 25 will be released anytime soon. If they were to start filming next year, a release in 2019 could be the most realistic time frame.

“Spectre” was released in 2015, three years after “Skyfall”.

A retrospective on Daniel Craig's time as 'James Bond'

After the increasingly cartoonish Pierce Brosnan era of “James Bond”, Daniel Craig brought back some life into the waning franchise.

The entertaining and subdued “Casino Royale” is considered one of the best entries into the franchise, as it showed a mature side to the agent that we had not seen in a good while.

Unfortunately, the quality of his movies has fluctuated heavily, seemingly following up one great entry with one terrible or mediocre one. “Quantum of Solace” followed up “Casino Royale” and remains Daniel Craig's worst 007 films, and one of the worst the franchise has ever seen.

They made amends with the enjoyable “Skyfall” before going out with the mediocre “Spectre”. The latter suffered from being released in a year which included three other blockbuster spy thrillers.

If we go by Craig's track record, then his next film should, once again, be great. He has demonstrated a desire to go out on a high note, suggesting that he does not believe that was accomplished with "Spectre", so we might be in for something special. As this will probably prove to be his last outing as the spy, hopefully, it will meet his expectations.