PlayStation 4: Five must-play games coming out in February 2019

Anthem, Far Cry, Jump Force, Metro Exodus and God Eater. Sony fans are in for an exciting month.


PlayStation 4 owners better prepare their wallets for an unbelievable onslaught, as February 2019 is packed to the brim with huge AAA games. Have a craving for a fighting game? February has your back. Feel like an atmospheric first-person shooter? "Metro Exodus" should scratch that itch. Yearning for a tough-as-nails driving simulator? Few compare to Codemasters' "Dirt Rally 2.0."

Here is a rundown of the five most exciting games coming out for the PlayStation 4 during February 2019!


'Anthem' will be available to purchase on the PlayStation 4 from February 22.

EA's answer to "Destiny," this multiplayer shooter comes saddled with high expectations and a muddied history stemming from the publisher's numerous recent PR blunders. Due to rampant server issues, "Anthem's" demo failed to adequately set the stage for the game's full debut. That's not to say BioWare's RPG shooter attracted a totally negative reception from users, as many praised the customization options and basic gameplay mechanics, but the demo raised more questions than answers.


'Far Cry: New Dawn' will be available to purchase on the PlayStation 4 from February 13.

A spin-off set in Montana and a sequel to "Far Cry 5," "Far Cry: New Dawn" takes place more than a decade after its predecessor. With a nuclear event leaving the world in ruins, Hope County has become a hub for survivors seeking to establish some form of community. Unfortunately, the rebuilding process is interrupted by a group of bandits led by two dangerous sisters.

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