When the door for a happy relationship closes for some celeb stars, now it opens to reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe has finally found the best romance with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. During her interview with Mail on Sunday's You magazine, the 33-year-old star talks openly almost everything about her life in a summary - family, relationship, life and business lessons and positive body image introducing her denim line with British businesswoman Emma Grede.

It doesn’t take a ring to say she's in the best relationship

Bet-selling author Khloe, 33 and Cleaveland Cavaliers player Thompson, 26 are in a relationship since last year.

They met on a blind date and now shared an open relationship to each other. She said to the mag that she's definitely in the best relationship and happiness is not measured by the wedding ring. For her, the reason why the most relationship ended up falling apart it's because they lack the habit of communicating openly. And to not be afraid of sharing an opinion in anything with the other person.

Khloe told You that Tristan is very protective of her and to her family. And that he also loves her cooking that made her try to make her best Cinnabon she'll learn from YouTube. She loved cooking and learned it from scratch. In the end, she's teaching her mother to make that Cinnabon too.

The star also revealed the common belief she and Tompson has.

Being both Christian and vocal about spirituality made things easier for them.

Tristan is a great dad

Canadian NBA star Tristan is a great father of an eight-month-old Prince from his ex Jordan Craig. And for Khloe, to become a mother to his next kids is not something she would not want in the future. She believed in marriage, and she wishes to be married again but doesn't want to pressure herself to that.

Both of them believe it will happen when the time is right.

As an entrepreneur, Khloe also mentioned about her denim line Good American jeans to the mag. The brand made one million dollars when it first launched in autumn. After all the embarrassment she had during her younger age due to her body size, she started this revolutionary denims to empower women.

The jeans are available in sizes double zero to 24.

Khloe is the daughter of her manager Kris Jenner who believes in her than anybody else. And her incredibly wealthy father who taught her and her sibling tough life and business lessons made her who she is today.