The Walking DeadSeason 8 is all set to arrive in two months and going by the showrunners penchant for killing off characters in an indiscriminate manner, this season can turn out to be quite bloody. The dreadful Negan has already arrived and has given fans a glimpse of the bloodshed he is capable of in Season 7. So, as the fight intensifies between the Saviors and the Alexandrians, one should definitely prepare for some major deaths. There are some prominent characters that might not remain with fans when the eighth season comes to an end.

Moralists Morgan and Carol look precarious

Season 8 could very well sound the death knell for Morgan and Carol. The former is seen saying in the Season 8 trailer that he does not die which is not a good sign. Fans have seen him going through a terrible breakdown following the loss of his son and then overruling his no-killing oath in Season 6. He has killed Richard and since the trailer shows him in the middle of a battle, it is likely that he will have to revert to killing, which is not something he likes and thus, it could turn into a farewell. Same goes for Carol who will be forced to join the war against the Saviors and when it becomes too much to handle, she could very well seek a release.

Gabriel, Tara, and Jerry on the list

Father Gabriel is seen in a terrified state in the Season 8 trailer facing Negan and things do appear gloomy for him as he does not have any weapon by his side. Tara, the supply runner, could also be readying for farewell as sometimes, she puts her trust in people without any solid basis.

The same was the case with Glenn and therefore, she seems to be doomed. Sadly, good guy Jerry joins the two on the list as well because the trailer shows him uttering words that are best reserved for farewell speeches. Though one should hope for the best, in the absence of a comic book counterpart, one cannot harbor high hopes either.

Simon set to sign off

Negan’s right-hand man, Simon too features on the top of the danger list simply because of his position in Negan’s army. Season 8 is going to unleash a full-on war with the Kingdom, Hilltop, and Alexandria facing off against the Saviors and the Scavengers. The trailer also shows Simon locked at an outpost-like place with a number of Saviors and since he is the most important man in the squad, the Alexandrians are bound to target him. If he is eliminated, the next one who would be preyed after would be Arat and if she is gone, Negan would be severely decimated.