So many shows are surviving this year and one of them has just completed their 12th season. Criminal Minds still catches the attention of so many viewers but some may have been quite confused on who exactly is going to survive the disastrous event we have seen in the season’s finale.

A month away from the premiere of “Criminal Minds” Season 13, here is what we have learned: Agent Simmons will be called upon to return and discover that the team has been in a brutal car accident with one less passenger. On the first episodes of the new season of “Criminal Minds,” Penelope Garcia and Matt Simmons will be collaborating their strength and brains to find their missing team member.

The question is, who will be the missing character and where would he or she be during that time?

Executive Producer spills details about ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13

The executive producer of "Criminal Minds," Erica Messer, may have given us a hint of what is to come but we are definitely crying for more information to know if a favorite character would be relaying their final goodbye when September comes.

On the brighter side, we would not be losing Daniel Henney’s Matt Simmons after the cancellation of their short-lived spin-off Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. It was also reported that he is going to be a series regular for the 13th season of the police crime drama. His comeback was an important factor for the show since Damon Gupton’s Stephen Walker has already excited for it to follow a different road.

Changes need to be done in upcoming season

Turns out, EP Messer had different plans in mind where a complete set of the cast would return. Unfortunately, some changes need to be done.

“As you know, these decisions aren't made quickly or anything like that. Everything was a thoughtful decision.” She said. (Well at least she tried.)

It is definitely a challenge to a has scene pictured then know that one actor would not be signing up again which means they have no choice but to create something different and compatible to the storyline to appeal to its viewers.

It has been quite a ride for the producers and the writers since there would be some unforeseen problems that they have to deal with when it comes to the cast and crew leaving and joining the show. Messer did, in fact, hope that the show would have some stability.

But here’s the deal, they are up for a new season and that means new episodes and new hopes. “Criminal Minds” Season 13 returns in September on CBS.