International pop singer Katy Perry offered her fans a sneak preview of her upcoming music video, “Swish Swish.” She released a trailer on her official YouTube account, giving fans a glimpse around the celebrities who will be joining her in the video.

Before the end of the trailer clip, it was revealed that Nicki Minaj is joining Perry in the upcoming video. The “Anaconda” singer has joined other artists in their respective music videos, such as Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.

Aside from Minaj, there are also other stars lined-up to join Perry in “Swish Swish.” These celebrities are Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, and Thor “the Mountain” Björnsson.

Fans will also see the appearances of Jenna Ushkowitz from “Glee,” Gaten Matarazzo from “Stranger Things,” and Christina Sydelko. Rich Eisen and Bill Walton will also be featured in the new music video.

Just like her past musical performances, Perry is changing up her image a little bit by sporting a short pixie haircut. Her character on the “Swish Swish” music video is also going to be interesting.

Katy Perry as basketball star

The international pop artist is portraying a basketball superstar, along with the guest celebrities. She will be playing the team captain of a fictitious team called “Tigers,” and battling with another hoops team named “Sheep.”

The video began with a graphics text saying, “Get ready for the hottest mess in history.

It’s the Sheep versus the Tigers.” Eisen and Walton are both portraying the roles of commentators and sportscasters. Minaj’s name was revealed prior to the final seconds of the trailer, with the ending text saying “Coming soon!”

Just like other musical artists, the “Swish Swish” singer has been including cameo performances by fellow artists on her past music videos.

It could be recalled that she invited Darren Criss, Kevin McHale, Corey Feldmanto and Rebecca Black among many others in her 2011 music video, “Last Friday Night.”

Katy Perry for the MTV VMAs

The international singing sensation is also slated to host and perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The award show will feature the best musical artists this year and will honor some artists for their outstanding performances.

The female singer has also earned nominations for the 2017 MTV VMAs. She was nominated for “Best Collaboration,” “Best Direction,” “Best Art Direction,” and “Best Visual Effects.” The show is airing live from Inglewood, California.