Criminal Minds has been in the spotlight since September 2005 when it premiered on CBS. Its ratings have continued to go higher until the producers started their habitual cast rotation that disappointed hundreds if not millions of fans. Season 12 ratings have significantly decreased by 17 percent overall compared to Season 11 when Thomas Gibson was still there. The actor’s contract was terminated after an altercation with a writer in an episode that he was directing. Many fans protested the producers’ decision and decided to boycott the show.

Recently, one of the showrunners commented about the cast rotation and said that anything can happen anytime.

The show’s disappointing cast shakeups

Erica Messer, one of “Criminal Minds” showrunners recently said that the cast shakeups in the recent years have not been easy for them but they have to deal with it. She said though that all decisions they made were deeply deliberated. "If I've learned anything in all these 13 years it's you can't truly prepare for anything,” she told TV Guide. "'The discussions were, 'Do you think Daniel would want to join [the show]?' But of course to add one more that means someone's not coming back and that's never an easy thing when someone isn't returning to the show."

Recently, Messer inked another deal with CBS as one of “Criminal Minds” showrunners and the writer’s recent exit from the show made fans wonder whether there is a chance that the show would reunite with Thomas Gibson.

When he was fired in August 2016, many fans stopped watching the show and even started massive protests through Twitter by creating the infamous #NoHotchNoWatch. Gibson’s character made all the fans fall in love with him despite his being too serious. For all fans, Hotch was the perfect Unit Chief in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Not David Rossi, JJ or even Emily Prentiss.

Everything known about Season 13

Damon Gupton’s Agent Stephen Walker will be the casualty of the huge car crash during “Criminal Minds” Season 12 finale. He was hired to replace Gibson but he too had to bid goodbye. Daniel Henney as Agent Matt Simmons is coming to the show in Season 13 in replacement of Gupton.

His character will be the one to accompany Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) to the scene where the accident happens. There, they will find out that someone is badly hurt by the car crash that’s suspected to be of Mr. Scratch’s doing.

What’s more interesting or what makes “Criminal Minds” fans more nervous is that another one is missing. People can’t help but ask, will this be another cast rotation? Hopefully not. Missing doesn’t necessarily mean dead but knowing CBS and what Messer said, anything can happen.