At 11 years old, Suri Cruise may be growing fast but her mom Katie Holmes’ does not have anything to worry about. It seems like the "Dawson's Creek" actress is confident that she raised her daughter well.

Katie Holmes recently talked about her 11-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, where she mentioned that she is enjoying the child’s company at a young age without much pressure or thinking about what she will be like by the time she hits 13 and so on.

"I am not so worried yet about the teenage years," she says. She even stated that she has nothing to worry about even Suri doesn't think of her as a cool mother when she grows up, as she was never a cool person.

"I never was cool, I got nothing to lose,” she joked.

Holmes was promoting her new film Logan Lucky and she did not disappoint when it comes to fashion. She was wearing a silky blouse and pants that matched as a pair.

In the film, Holmes used a West Virginia twang that she studied with a little difficulty to make it sound natural. But in the end, she was able to pull it off which is why the film is now set for viewing.

Suri Cruise’s relationship with Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise, who definitely looks like a female and younger version of Tom Cruise, appears a lot on her mom’s Instagram page, whether she is at the beach, in their home, on their bed and anywhere. Now that is a proud mother right there.

Sadly, her relationship with her father is very different to that of her mom's. Suri has been growing up with only Holmes serving as both her mom and dad.

Tom Cruise is famous for his films but he is also a dedicated follower of the church of Scientology. The church has been very controversial and there were reports that the religion will not allow Cruise to have any remaining ties with Holmes and his daughter after their marriage ended.

It was even mentioned in 2013 that the divorce was Holmes’ way of protecting their daughter from the belief.

Tom Cruise’s devotion to the Church of Scientology

Tom Cruise has been loyal to the Church of Scientology ever since his first marriage and he has been promoting, campaigning, funding donations, rewarded and acknowledged by them.

It seems that Suri is a different person away from him. Holmes has had their daughter under her custody and it has been she and her daughter against the world (or maybe with the world).

Although Suri Cruise is still young, tabloids cannot deny that her respective relationship with her parents, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is an interesting to follow. Even with all of the attention pointing at her when some news about her mother or father comes up, it seems like the kid has been growing p happily under her mom’s protection.