The comingCriminal Minds” Season 13 just proves the show’s stability for being one of the longest-running shows on the television. As it is now airing for 13 years, fans have seen cast members coming in and out, living different marks in the series.

One of the most unexpected exit viewers saw in the police procedural crime drama is Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner’s (Thomas Gibson) departure. Thus, in an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Erica Messer talked about the surprising flight of some cast members.

Explaining characters’ exit

To recall, in the previous season finale, fans were left on the edge of their seat with the car accident cliffhanger.

With that, Erica Messer hoped that the whole cast will still return in the coming “Criminal Minds” Season 13.

"If I've learned anything in all these 13 years it's you can't truly prepare for anything," she told TV Guide. She admitted that it is also difficult for them to let a cast member go, but she cleared that every decision they made is well-thought of and is not promptly done.

She even cited an example that if a new star is coming in the television series, it means someone is about to go. When Daniel Henney joined the show as Agent Matthew Simmons, they let go of Damon Gupton, who played the role of Stephen Walker. Thus, it will be their responsibility to create a storyline that will fit into the coming of a new character and the exit of the old one.

However, it was CBS which requested Gupton’s additions as the crime drama’s eighth character after Thomas Gibson’s exit. Erica Messer then explained that it is not an easy work to talk to the stars and tell them that they have to leave the show. "You never want to have those. And [Gupton is] somebody who is so respected in our family,” she said.

Gupton’s departure and Henney’s coming

Moreover, as Stephen Walker will be one of the people affected by the car accident, the premiere episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 13 will feature his departure.

As Damon Gupton leaves, Daniel Henney’s role as Matt Simons will be fully introduced as part of the BAU. "Introducing Daniel's character into this world has been a good time," Erica Messer continued.

In fact, she revealed that a lot of people behind the scenes love him that makes things easier for them. Additionally, he even brings a different kind of energy in the show.

The premiere episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 13 will be released on Sept. 27 on CBS.