Thomas Gibson is best known for his role of Aaron Hotchner on the hit TV crime series "Criminal Minds." Hotch was the leader of the team of crime fighters and was one of the few remaining original characters in the series.

However, Gibson was fired from "Criminal Minds" after an altercation with the producer. Gibson allegedly kicked the producer. This lead to his termination from the show, and it was required that he take anger management classes. With the ratings dropping for the crime show, there is much speculation as to whether or not Gibson is returning for season 13 of “Criminal Minds.”

Fans are desperate for Hotchner's return

"Criminal Minds" has been replacing members of the original cast for years.

However, these castings never turn out well, and while the decision to replace team leader Hotch with Emily Prentiss was intelligent, it can't beat the real thing. The character of Aaron Hotchner is integral to "Criminal Minds." He is easily a fan-favorite, and Gibson's fans have been waiting patiently for Hotch to grace their screens again.

Erica Messer spoke of the lackluster farewell that the character of Aaron Hotchner was given on the show. She stated that she was sad to see the end of the character and knew that whatever decision she made would upset some people. Messer spoke how difficult it is to say goodbye to a long-term character such as Hotch. It was made especially difficult because Thomas Gibson was not in the farewell episode.

Gibson's return to boost ratings

The ratings of "Criminal Minds" have been falling steadily since the departure of Thomas Gibson. The show has lost over 20% of its previous ratings. They have admitted that this change is in part because of the loss of fan favorite Aaron Hotchner. "Criminal Minds" is now heading into its thirteenth season, and there have been rumors that Gibson will return to refill the shoes of Hotch.

Viewers of the series were not happy with the decision to fire Thomas Gibson. His departure resulted in the fans of the show petitioning for the actor to be allowed back to the cast. According to HNGN, the issues between Thomas Gibson and producer Virgil Williams have been resolved. As the ratings have been dropping, conversations surrounding the series end have started.

There is no doubt that the return of team leader Aaron Hotchner would be beneficial for the series. Fans continue to speculate that Thomas Gibson will be returning to the cast for season 13 of "Criminal Minds."